Success Stories

“I really appreciate how helpful the whole staff is. I especially appreciate Dr.Dutcher's holistic approach and his treatment plans. He is very frank and direct in his teaching. He knew exactly what I needed, and when I needed it. I would not be feeling this much better had it not been for the referral and Dr. Dutcher's expertise! I am so blessed! Thank you Sunrise Chiroporactic. I honestly cannot think of anything that can change in terms of improving the clinic. I have enjoyed everything about my experience there.”

  • Nancy A.

"Chiropractic care changed the poor posture I had developed over many years to a posture aligned and strengthened. Pain in my neck, back and hips lessened and so much improved along with my physical well-being. This sense of physical well-being carried over to my sense of mental well-being. Along with the adjustments, there is education shared by Dr. Dutcher which I can pass on to others. A wonderful combination is Chiropractic plus Massage Therapy. One has a sense of being renewed; having been washed in the 'fountain of youth'. This is a 'winning' experience and one I am thankful for having been introduced to. Thank you Dr. Dutcher and staff for the welcoming environment you have created!" - Gretchen D.

"I liked the fact that although I came to the office in great discomfort from my painful condition, Dr. Dutcher was looking at an end game. I greatly appreciated the enthusiasm to get me back too my old self. The Dr.'s professionalism and genuine care is a powerful combination. If I could do one thing to improve the Sunrise clinic it would be to move it closer to my house. But for the treatment and results I have achieved I am more than happy to travel. " - Paul M.

"I have referred 3 different friends who have been very pleased with Sunrise as well. I love that Jeanine and Dr. Dutcher know me and remember me and always try to work me into the schedule. I feel it's a very warm and inviting place and I love the staff.  thank You!" - Tarin O.

"Last year I fell and broke my arm near the shoulder in four places. I began chiropractic treatment as soon as I could. I also did physical therapy and while in that treatment I became aware of how much better and faster my recovery was compared to others in the physical therapy with similar injuries. I was already a chiropractic 'believer' because it has kept me 'young', but this injury recovery truly reaffirmed my belief that chiropractic adjustments work!" - Billie D.

"My really great friend Billie told me about her amazing son Dr. Dutcher. He has helped keep me from being in pain. What a blessing! Thank you so much Dr. Dutcher!" - Kassandra B.

"I seeked chiropractic care because I was in a car accident and had pain in my neck and back. Through chiropractic care I have gained a lot more energy and noticed a tremendous difference in my ablility to work. I recommend chiropractic care for anybody and everybody. I never actually wanted to, but now I can't see myself not doing it." - Nathan W.

"I was involved in a motor vehicle accident in March, 2011. I immediately came in to see Dr. Dutcher, knowing that chiropractic care is crucial just after an accident, during the healing of my neck and upper back. My work requires me to be physically involved 10-12 hours per day. I know that I have healed faster and in the best way with chiropractic care. Not only the care, but the education of how to care for myself correctly by Dr. Dutcher has helped me get through the painful first few weeks and knowing how to carry myself to avoid setting back my progress." - Kraig S.

"I was feeling really bad all over three years ago. I went to a couple of other chiropractors with little result. My wife told me to go to Dr. Dutcher, because of her experience seeing him. I went, and after a few visits I felt completely cured. Now I see Dr. Dutcher about every 6 - 8 weeks, simply for maintenance. I feel great!"- Bob D.

"Wellness, good health, good posture and the accompanying contentment of using my body, mind and spirit to the fullest all are based on my chiropractic care. Dr. Dutcher, my chiropractor for more than 20 years, keeps my spine in balance while fighting gravity and genetics, and his work on my neck, skull and ear have eliminated chronic pain. All you baby boomers come in!"- Lynn H.

"I had headaches and was getting high hip and dropped shoulder, causing everything to hurt. I also have a rib that twists very uncomfortably. I came to see Dr. Dutcher through a referral from my M.D. and he has helped me so much. I am so grateful he is as good and caring as he is. I have brought my son, two grandchildren and a friend here. They are also very pleased with his treatments. The office staff is great also!" - Alice A.

"I was referred to Dr. Dutcher by my M.D. after having severe upper back pain and muscle tightness. This was my first experience with chiropractic treatment. As it turned out, I had several issues - a compression fracture from an amusement park ride which was the catalyst for most of the pain, but I found out I also have arthritis and had a disc out of place. After several massage therapy sessions and chiropractic adjustments, it started feeling much better and has made me a believer in this type of therapy. Both Dr. Dutcher and I were wondering whether I should return to my M.D. because it took awhile for me to turn the corner, but I'm so glad I hung in there. My back is now feeling almost 100% better. When it does hurt, it turns itself around now without so much therapy needed. I will continue with some maintenance appointments, at least for awhile, but I'm working my way back to my regular exercise routine and daily living activities. A person can't help but feel better by just walking through the door of this clinic. Besides physically healing my back, I have to say the entire staff, from the friendly greeting and help of the receptionist, to the subtle yet very important spiritual reminders given by Dr. Dutcher, and the incorporation of diet and exercise suggestions by the Dr. and massage therapist, have made me feel more healthy and mindful of all aspects of my physical well-being." - Patti P.

"I came in to see Dr. Dutcher after developing a limp in my right leg. Within three weeks it had disappeared. I worked with him during the summer doing exercises which he demonstrates in his weekly 'Back to Health' classes. With his help I am doing so much better in all areas. I was blessed that I found him." - Marilyn S.

"I sought chiropractic care to find relief for my chronic neck, trapezius and upper back pain. After I came in, it was made clear to me what unsavory condition my neck was in. With Dr. Dutcher's encouragement, I have become committed to getting it straightened out and maintain its health. It is nice to feel there is a solution." - Ayshlee K.

"In the late 1960's I had a back injury. Physical therapy worked until I quit. So I went to my first chiropractor. He made it possible to stay working. I started maintenance treatments. I work at hospital maintenance and we got into places a body wasn't designed to go, and had to lift weights in places we couldn't lift properly. I kept on with my maintenance treatments. In late 1980 I was knocked off of a ladder. The M.D.'s gave me a 10% disability diagnoses. I kept on with my chiropractic maintenance and got full mobility back. Since doing maintenance treatments from the early 1970's I have been sick less, had less back pain and have better health. I still do some activities that give me back pain. Dr. Dutcher has helped me with health tips and encouragement. I have been going to Sunrise Chiropractic for about 20 years. I am now retired and haven't felt better." -Jerry P.